Adjustable Laptop Stand Portable Folding Computer Desk with Side Mount Mouse Pad and Cooling Fan(Black)

  • $59.99


Do you want to use your laptop, tablet, or book at where you feel most comfortable? The Laptop desk well made of metal is the perfect tool for you to solve the problem. It is equipped with carved vent and cooling fans beneath it to thoroughly cool and circulate air so as to keep your device cool.


- Color: Black.

- Material: Metal.

- Board Size: 48x26cm

- Adjustable Height: 0-49cm

- Bearing Capacity: Max.15kg

- Net Weight: 1.6kg

- Single Section Bracket: 26cm in length- Suitable for computer whose size is under 17inch- Folding metal desk, easy to move and retract.

- With vent holes and cooling fan, it features good heat dissipating.

- The adjustable leg can be reshaped to any shape as you like.

- Also can be used as Sound Device, Projector Stand, Book Tray and so on.

- The cooling fan comes with usb cable, no extra one needed.